10 thoughts on ““Jake’s World” — an audio slideshow

  1. I am so proud to have Kevin and John for my brothers. You both mean the world to me. You are both talented beyond belief and I am blessed to have you as my family…xo

  2. Beautiful! Just went to a meeting yesterday about a student who suffered a brain injury at birth. Jake’s story gave me a glimmer of what her future could be. Hope you’re well

    • I am, Linda, thanks. Just about finished with grad school, preparing for my summer course at NYU and getting ready for my new gig at Quinnipiac in the fall. Life is good.

  3. Kevin, Hol & I just watched Jake’s World twice and will again. What a classy, articulate gentleman! What a talent he has! Your slideshow/video is very well made, my friend. How long have you been doing this kind of work?

    Clearly you have a special family in every respect.


    • Thanks so much, Fitz. You are right about Jake. One of the things I couldn’t really get to until the blooper reel at the end is his funny sense of humor. Thanks for the praise on the slideshow. I first learned how to do it at the start of grad school two year ago and have been refining the elements — photography and audio reporting — ever since. This happens to be my final project for a photojournalism course. Best to Holly.

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